miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

almost bday!

Well tomorrow its my 19 bday and I dont know what to feel, a bit stressed cuz of the school , but happy , and my boyfriend is coming to stay all weekend and celebrate!!!...also on saturday is my first exposition and Im a bit nervous , but

Anyways I just came back from a place ive been wanting to visit, its called The Green Corner, its a place all organic, vegan, vegetarian also supermarket and restaurant and I loved it!!! its a bit expensive but affordable and I saw some things to buy later.

Also the breakfast was amazing, fried jamaica flowers in like a taco with some spinach sauce , whole grain rice and soy capuchino. no pic, sorry

I bought some organic pan de muerto, a bread tipically made for Day of the dead, delicious and its supossed to be in shape of a bone, soy burgers, some organic home made green salsa , that I use for everything, to quesadillas, tacos, etc. a organic strawberry soy shake and a organic chocolate muffin from a local cooperative in the place I lived (cuernavaca).

Pan de muerto! (bread of the dead, it sounds a bit creepy but its very good)

This was my lunch, my favorite homemade tomato soup, its kind of a gazpacho but I cooked the stock , and a piece of rye bread ,later Ill post the recipe for the soup, all vegan and very easy.

I guess Ill post till friday or in the weekend!

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

First Entry!

Hi this is my first entry and i will be posting later about life in mexico and trying to live as a vegetarian here. Its a bit difficult cuz almost no one here its vegetarian, or even vegan...so theres not that many choices to eat and buy food ...but its possible!

Today was not the greatest day , I lost my wallet and I have a million things to do for this week, also my birthday is coming and I dont know if Im happy or sad or confused.

This is a postcard i found the other day downtown in Cuernavaca, the place I used to live and I just was amazed by the detailed background and the peaceful message it shows. It says "No a la guerra, otro mundo es posible. Un mundo donde quepan todos los mundos" (No to war, other world is possible. A world where other worlds fit". They told me the artist is very involved with the Zapatistas and they had posters, I bought one two about fair trade. I just loved it!!

Well tomorrow im gonna post more about the food but today i just gonna put my breakfast, old fashioned oatmeal with soymilk and little bananas ( a special kind that are half the size but taste much sweeter!)

I will post other things later but I have to pick up my room and keep searching for taht evil wallet!