lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

First Entry!

Hi this is my first entry and i will be posting later about life in mexico and trying to live as a vegetarian here. Its a bit difficult cuz almost no one here its vegetarian, or even theres not that many choices to eat and buy food ...but its possible!

Today was not the greatest day , I lost my wallet and I have a million things to do for this week, also my birthday is coming and I dont know if Im happy or sad or confused.

This is a postcard i found the other day downtown in Cuernavaca, the place I used to live and I just was amazed by the detailed background and the peaceful message it shows. It says "No a la guerra, otro mundo es posible. Un mundo donde quepan todos los mundos" (No to war, other world is possible. A world where other worlds fit". They told me the artist is very involved with the Zapatistas and they had posters, I bought one two about fair trade. I just loved it!!

Well tomorrow im gonna post more about the food but today i just gonna put my breakfast, old fashioned oatmeal with soymilk and little bananas ( a special kind that are half the size but taste much sweeter!)

I will post other things later but I have to pick up my room and keep searching for taht evil wallet!

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Theresa dijo...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Here in Australia those little, sweet bananas are called "lady fingers" and they are my favourite kind.