sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

resting weekend...

Yesterday was not so good...too much things to do, and I ended exausted.

I get to Cuernavaca and then I went with my friends to a new bar but I was not in the mood for drinking, and was soooo hungry, but the only thing near was an awful Mcdonalds, so I told them to wait for me, and I walked until a restaurant called 100% Natural, that I like a lot and I ate a tropical fruit juice with pita bread, hummus and other vegetables, and while I was eating two of my friends started asking the typical question....but, where do you get the protein if you dont eat meat?, why are you vegetarian?...but it was cool talking with them without feeling they were judging me, and my boyfriend no longer eats in fast food chains, and that is a beggining:P

Also...I finally got my camera with the USB cable! so I can post some pictures....

My favorite tomato soup with cucumber!

Pizza Time!
Ive always wanted to make my own pizza but I couldnt find a good recipe for the base, and I found that this tastes very good and my brother who is a supreme pizza lover ate one pizza by himself, and today in the morning he asked me when I would do more:D, the mozzarela I used, was an italian organic one I found in Tepoztlan that an italian family produces and tastes amazing!

FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA (Makes two 12-inch pizzas)
3 tsp. yeast 1½ cups WARM water 3 tbs. olive oil
1 tsp. salt 2½ cups white flour 2 cups whole wheat flour
To make crust, dissolve the yeast into the warm water and add oil and salt to that
mixture. Mix the flours and knead them into the liquid mixture. Let dough rise for
30 to 40 minutes.
1 cup sliced onions 2 peppers, cut up
While the dough is rising, prepare the sliced onions: a slow sauté to caramelize
their sugars makes fresh onions into an amazing vegetable. First sizzle them on
medium heat in a little olive oil, until transparent but not browned. Then turn
down the burner, add a bit of water if necessary to keep them from browning, and
let them cook ten to fifteen minutes more, until they are glossy and sweet.
Peppers can benefit from a similar treatment.
Once the dough has risen, divide it in half and roll out two round 12 inch
pizza crusts on a clean, floured countertop, using your fingers to roll the
perimeter into on outer crust as thick as you like. Using spatulas, slide the crusts
onto well floured pans or baking stones and spread toppings.
16 oz. mozzarella, thinly sliced
2 cups fresh tomatoes in season (or sauce in winter) Other toppings
1 tbs. oregano 1 tsp. rosemary Olive oil
Layer the cheese evenly over the crust, then scatter the toppings of the week on
your pizza, finishing with the spices. If you use tomato sauce (rather than fresh
tomatoes), spread that over crust first, then the cheese, then other toppings.
Bake pizzas at 425° for about 15-20 minutes, until crust is brown and crisp.

The lovely dough!A closeup...Now the cheese...

Then the tomato and olives...I couldn't take a picture of the pizza baked because literally it dissapeared...

Have a nice weekend!=D

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

Also seven facts!

I’ve been tagged to participate in this meme by Theresa, and here are seven facts unknown about me =D.

1.- I’ve lived most of my life in a town called Cuernavaca, that is 45 minutes from Mexico City, now I live in Mexico City, also when I was little I lived in Panama (where my mom is from), and when I was 15, for 6 months I lived in Montreal, Canada as an exchange student.

2.- I hate cars and also driving, I’ve been having a lot of troubles learning how to drive because I don’t like to be in front of the wheel , I know I have to practice more, but its just bigger than me.

3.- I have a butterfly tattoo on my hip I designed and I love it…can’t wait to have another one!

4.- I’m planning on getting my pierced nose (again) in the holidays. This would be the 4th time I get one in the nose, I think I’m getting used to it…the first I got it when I was 15 , I lasted about a year and a half with it, then I wanted a hoop, I bought it but I didn’t like how it looked so I took it away and left my nose with nothing. Within a week, my piercing closed, so in January I pierced it again, then in April I found the perfect hoop and I got it until February or March of this year, I took it away and let it close for my prom (my mom begged me to take my pictures without it…) and in summer I did it again on the right side of the nose , and I found a butterfly piece I loved it…but the same thing happened as in the first time, I left my nose without nothing for a night and it closed….soo the fourth is the good one ( I hope…).

5.- My favorite place in all the world is Zicatela, Puerto Escondido…it’s a little town in the state of Oaxaca. It’s the most peaceful, pretty, hippie, relaxing place I’ve been. I’ve been two times, the first one with my best friend…all our friends ditched us and I had all my money saved for this trip and I was decided to go …so I called her and she told me she was in, and I told her well…were leaving tomorrow morning… ( I knew nothing but some instructions of a friend that went) . We came to Mexico and 14 hrs of bus later…we arrived there…the first time I saw it, I knew I was in love…we went to Mazunte, Zipolite, Chacagua…it was perfect. The second time I went this summer with my sweetie :P and we also stayed in the same cabañas…and it was also perfect…maybe in some point of my life I would go to live there.

6.- Although my hair right now is pretty long, at some point a bad haircut came into my life…sooo short! I have super curly hair so I kinda wore an afro...sorry no pics documenting that hair cut….

7.- I used to take African dance classes, they were so amazing, fun and at the same time it tonified your arms and legs, I miss them very much…

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

... a movie

Well these days have been a bit busy and I haven't eaten that well, living alone is sometimes hard because I'm not used to cook 3 times a day...so I've been eating mostly fruits, sandwiches , smoothies, avocado tostadas...and the other day in a class a guy came in selling vegetarian bread, I asked what did he had and he told me they had a kiwi empanada, cinnamon rolls, a chocolate croissant..but I had more of a salty crave, and he told me they had a handmade soyrizo sandwich and I bought it. I was delicious...you can taste all the spices and guajillo chilli, it almost tasted like the real one I haven't eat in years...even my friends thought it was meat...it was soo good! Sorry no pics, I lend my camera to a friend that is making a photography project about street signs so he will give me tomorrow my camera and with luck I will post on the weekend :D
In other things, I saw a movie that is really interesting and many more people should watch it so they can choose more wisely on what they eat

...I like a lot all about nutrition, food, organic, environmental...that makes me wonder if I´ve chosen the right career , I know I can change, but it´s difficult to decide, actually I didn't considered another option that wasn't art...but December holidays are near and I will have more time to consider my options, reflect, and decide what to do...and also discuss it with my mom.
This weekend is a holiday soo im going home and enjoy the lovely climate there, because I still cant get use to Mexico´s City climate...its so strange, (and is mostly due to the contamination levels) in the morning its cold...at noon its soo hot, but not a tropical nice hot, a concrete dry hot..and in the night its cold again...luckily of the climate its not that cold Im gonna go swim on a river weee!

Have a nice weekend!=D

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

Long post and weekend!

This weekend I went to a little town near Cuernavaca, called Tepoztlan, this place is famous for being all fulled of hippies, having a great food market, beautiful mountain views, I just love it...and I havent had go since like 6 months...so yesterday I went to walk and I found some organic and healthy things!!...

This is a view of a mountain in which they are so close it almost seems a natural window is formed...

My bag with an organic loaf of amaranth/ basil bread, and organic amaranth flour...

Organic oatmeal raisin cookies from the same bakery ...And a new organic chocolate place opened , its called "CACAO" and they had the most wonderful hot mayan chocolate, semi sweet and home made...and I just had to take with me , organic cacao powder...
Today finally I went to the supermarket and get food for this next two weeks and I found some great things, Iced Tea, whole wheat pita bread, strawberries, fruits, bananas, pinneaple, avocado, organic lettuce, organic milk, refried beans, and some strange nopal (like a cactus) corn tortillas...

A delicious snack from almonds and coconut (note this is the only thing vegan Ive founf in Mexico)

My strawberry smoothie ! yum

And finally I had to take a picture of these Buddha made from foamy and painted , is just standing in the school and I like it a lot...these are the last weeks of classes and in some subjects the teachers are giving a lot of work, some have decided to give free clases....and I dont know if its good or bad....:S:S

jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

These crazy days

First I am thrilled to hear about the triumph of Barack Obama as president, I didn´t think it would be possible, but there is some hope. I was very anxious to came home and turn the tv and watch the winner of the election when I saw in the news that a plane crashed here in Mexico city, I thought it was a comercial plane and an accident, but as the news kept going it said that it was an official state airplane and the secretary of gobernation and the former secretary of governation (a guy who put in jail, extradit, and capture many carteles ( head of drug gang distribution)), along with a lot of people in the cabinet of the president were killed. I am still in shock, this is something never seen in this country, and the saddest part is that the official investigations tell that it was an accident...obviously no one believes that...but in another things...I discovered a new organic section in the supermarket and i bought these baby carrots..

Also I ate a fresh baby bran home made muffins http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/baby-bran-muffins-recipe.html

I made these weekend at home and I also added cranberries and they were amazing along with chai tea...

Also cuz yesterday I was running out of food and I was very hungry , I looked in my fridge and all I had were vegetables, so I decided to make some soup and when the soup was boiling I found some couscous at the back of the dressings so I pour some of that and it tasted amazing! the couscous and sweetpotatoe really are good together. And right now Im eating home grown papaya and a kiwi with some cottage cheese...mm

have a great weekend=D!

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

returning to reality...¬¬

I returned today from my sunny and warm cuernavaca to the city but i guess ill adjust to the climate very soon. This weekend/holiday was actually very calm and i only went to the filming of a musical video and it was a bit boring but i helped in the filmation and technical stuff.

Not the greatest picture but i liked the colors

Last wednesday a friend of mine called me to see if I wanted to move with her to another zone and Im thinking that she could be a very good person to live with and move out from this place that is ok, but i really dont like. I continue very confused about this career, i dont know if the school is right for me ...but i think at this time I dont have another option. My friend is actually vegetarian and this is a big plus cuz my 2 roomies only eat mc and cheese and ham and steaks and it would be better to cook for the two of us and be happy and organic!

These are some things i picked as a gift from my bday and some others gifts from my mother and friends!!

The book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle " by Barbara Kingsolver is sooo good, i finished it and very soon ill be trying their recipes. Its about how a family went to the Apalachians and cultivate all ther food for a year the ecologic way...i recomend it a lot!

Also my mom gave an air popcorn machine that i have to try as soon as i get the corn to make it!:)

Another friend gave me this gorgeoussss handmade necklace! i just adore it , is like the ones i do but a lot more complicated and elegant...

My boyfriend gave me this dvd Science of Dream by Micheal Gondry, Science des Rêves...and also a yoga dvd...and I was thinking of getting into a course to get a certificate and give yoga clasess as a part-time job,...later after all the moving and stuff Ill consider it

My brother gave me this shirt and he is sooo sweet, he told me when he saw that he knew it was for me...luvuuuu! Also my aunt gave me home grown papaya jelly and papaya chutney from the delicious and rare papayas of her garden...and I cant wait to try them!...