jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

... a movie

Well these days have been a bit busy and I haven't eaten that well, living alone is sometimes hard because I'm not used to cook 3 times a day...so I've been eating mostly fruits, sandwiches , smoothies, avocado tostadas...and the other day in a class a guy came in selling vegetarian bread, I asked what did he had and he told me they had a kiwi empanada, cinnamon rolls, a chocolate croissant..but I had more of a salty crave, and he told me they had a handmade soyrizo sandwich and I bought it. I was delicious...you can taste all the spices and guajillo chilli, it almost tasted like the real one I haven't eat in years...even my friends thought it was meat...it was soo good! Sorry no pics, I lend my camera to a friend that is making a photography project about street signs so he will give me tomorrow my camera and with luck I will post on the weekend :D
In other things, I saw a movie that is really interesting and many more people should watch it so they can choose more wisely on what they eat

...I like a lot all about nutrition, food, organic, environmental...that makes me wonder if I´ve chosen the right career , I know I can change, but it´s difficult to decide, actually I didn't considered another option that wasn't art...but December holidays are near and I will have more time to consider my options, reflect, and decide what to do...and also discuss it with my mom.
This weekend is a holiday soo im going home and enjoy the lovely climate there, because I still cant get use to Mexico´s City climate...its so strange, (and is mostly due to the contamination levels) in the morning its cold...at noon its soo hot, but not a tropical nice hot, a concrete dry hot..and in the night its cold again...luckily of the climate its not that cold Im gonna go swim on a river weee!

Have a nice weekend!=D