sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

resting weekend...

Yesterday was not so good...too much things to do, and I ended exausted.

I get to Cuernavaca and then I went with my friends to a new bar but I was not in the mood for drinking, and was soooo hungry, but the only thing near was an awful Mcdonalds, so I told them to wait for me, and I walked until a restaurant called 100% Natural, that I like a lot and I ate a tropical fruit juice with pita bread, hummus and other vegetables, and while I was eating two of my friends started asking the typical question....but, where do you get the protein if you dont eat meat?, why are you vegetarian?...but it was cool talking with them without feeling they were judging me, and my boyfriend no longer eats in fast food chains, and that is a beggining:P

Also...I finally got my camera with the USB cable! so I can post some pictures....

My favorite tomato soup with cucumber!

Pizza Time!
Ive always wanted to make my own pizza but I couldnt find a good recipe for the base, and I found that this tastes very good and my brother who is a supreme pizza lover ate one pizza by himself, and today in the morning he asked me when I would do more:D, the mozzarela I used, was an italian organic one I found in Tepoztlan that an italian family produces and tastes amazing!

FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA (Makes two 12-inch pizzas)
3 tsp. yeast 1½ cups WARM water 3 tbs. olive oil
1 tsp. salt 2½ cups white flour 2 cups whole wheat flour
To make crust, dissolve the yeast into the warm water and add oil and salt to that
mixture. Mix the flours and knead them into the liquid mixture. Let dough rise for
30 to 40 minutes.
1 cup sliced onions 2 peppers, cut up
While the dough is rising, prepare the sliced onions: a slow sauté to caramelize
their sugars makes fresh onions into an amazing vegetable. First sizzle them on
medium heat in a little olive oil, until transparent but not browned. Then turn
down the burner, add a bit of water if necessary to keep them from browning, and
let them cook ten to fifteen minutes more, until they are glossy and sweet.
Peppers can benefit from a similar treatment.
Once the dough has risen, divide it in half and roll out two round 12 inch
pizza crusts on a clean, floured countertop, using your fingers to roll the
perimeter into on outer crust as thick as you like. Using spatulas, slide the crusts
onto well floured pans or baking stones and spread toppings.
16 oz. mozzarella, thinly sliced
2 cups fresh tomatoes in season (or sauce in winter) Other toppings
1 tbs. oregano 1 tsp. rosemary Olive oil
Layer the cheese evenly over the crust, then scatter the toppings of the week on
your pizza, finishing with the spices. If you use tomato sauce (rather than fresh
tomatoes), spread that over crust first, then the cheese, then other toppings.
Bake pizzas at 425° for about 15-20 minutes, until crust is brown and crisp.

The lovely dough!A closeup...Now the cheese...

Then the tomato and olives...I couldn't take a picture of the pizza baked because literally it dissapeared...

Have a nice weekend!=D

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Katie dijo...

Pizza, yum!

I know what you mean about the questions from people...and I'm not even a "real" veg!

Theresa dijo...

Cucumber in tomato soup! I've never tried that, but it sounds really good.

One of the first three commenters on my Pay it Forward blog post can't participate, so if you are willing to continue it on (post about it and send a handmade gift to three people within the next year) then I'd love to send something your way. Send me an email with your address (tropical vegan [at] gmail.com) or leave me a comment if you don't want to participate so I can let someone else in on it!

happyherbivore.com dijo...

tomato soup with cucumber bits? never would have thought to put cukes in my tomato soup -- wil definatly have to try that. groovy photo!

Gina dijo...

Your boyfriend needs to have a chat with my husband about not eating fast food...ugh, so gross.

Your pizza looks awesome! Yum!

Katie dijo...

Is vegetarianism very uncommon in Mexico?

Anónimo dijo...