lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

returning to reality...¬¬

I returned today from my sunny and warm cuernavaca to the city but i guess ill adjust to the climate very soon. This weekend/holiday was actually very calm and i only went to the filming of a musical video and it was a bit boring but i helped in the filmation and technical stuff.

Not the greatest picture but i liked the colors

Last wednesday a friend of mine called me to see if I wanted to move with her to another zone and Im thinking that she could be a very good person to live with and move out from this place that is ok, but i really dont like. I continue very confused about this career, i dont know if the school is right for me ...but i think at this time I dont have another option. My friend is actually vegetarian and this is a big plus cuz my 2 roomies only eat mc and cheese and ham and steaks and it would be better to cook for the two of us and be happy and organic!

These are some things i picked as a gift from my bday and some others gifts from my mother and friends!!

The book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle " by Barbara Kingsolver is sooo good, i finished it and very soon ill be trying their recipes. Its about how a family went to the Apalachians and cultivate all ther food for a year the ecologic way...i recomend it a lot!

Also my mom gave an air popcorn machine that i have to try as soon as i get the corn to make it!:)

Another friend gave me this gorgeoussss handmade necklace! i just adore it , is like the ones i do but a lot more complicated and elegant...

My boyfriend gave me this dvd Science of Dream by Micheal Gondry, Science des Rêves...and also a yoga dvd...and I was thinking of getting into a course to get a certificate and give yoga clasess as a part-time job,...later after all the moving and stuff Ill consider it

My brother gave me this shirt and he is sooo sweet, he told me when he saw that he knew it was for me...luvuuuu! Also my aunt gave me home grown papaya jelly and papaya chutney from the delicious and rare papayas of her garden...and I cant wait to try them!...

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just me dijo...

wow, that necklace is beautiful!!! i'm glad to see you had a wonderful day and will be moving in w/ better eaters soon!