jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

These crazy days

First I am thrilled to hear about the triumph of Barack Obama as president, I didn´t think it would be possible, but there is some hope. I was very anxious to came home and turn the tv and watch the winner of the election when I saw in the news that a plane crashed here in Mexico city, I thought it was a comercial plane and an accident, but as the news kept going it said that it was an official state airplane and the secretary of gobernation and the former secretary of governation (a guy who put in jail, extradit, and capture many carteles ( head of drug gang distribution)), along with a lot of people in the cabinet of the president were killed. I am still in shock, this is something never seen in this country, and the saddest part is that the official investigations tell that it was an accident...obviously no one believes that...but in another things...I discovered a new organic section in the supermarket and i bought these baby carrots..

Also I ate a fresh baby bran home made muffins http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/baby-bran-muffins-recipe.html

I made these weekend at home and I also added cranberries and they were amazing along with chai tea...

Also cuz yesterday I was running out of food and I was very hungry , I looked in my fridge and all I had were vegetables, so I decided to make some soup and when the soup was boiling I found some couscous at the back of the dressings so I pour some of that and it tasted amazing! the couscous and sweetpotatoe really are good together. And right now Im eating home grown papaya and a kiwi with some cottage cheese...mm

have a great weekend=D!

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healthygirl dijo...
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Theresa dijo...

I'm sorry to hear about the news in your government. How sad for everyone.

Anyways, that home grown fruit looks great, as does everything else. Red paw paw is one of my favourite fruits!