martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008

A great surprise!

I ordered the book about a month ago , and it was supposed to arrive here the 20th of december, but as always the "reliable" postal service had a problem and when I gave for lost the book, yesterday the amazon package arrived!! I was so excited, since I saw the book I wanted it, and looked in almost every library in Mexico City, but none of them have it so it is! 

Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson!

Even more amazing that what I imagine, great recipes and great photos!
Ill be posting later some recipes:)
If you have any recomendations on vegetarian or vegan cooking books, they are welcomed!

For a snack I ate pita chips baked with Zaatar spices, a mid-eastern blend ...delicious..

For lunch I made ricotta and sundried tomato ravioli with a spicy sauce, waldorf salad (no chicken) and nopales sautéed in olive oil and onion , a true fusion food, Mexico meets Italy :D

And for dinner a salad with cucumber, lettuce, jicama and asparagus, and made a raspberry vinaigrette that quickly died in hands of my brother 

Have a happy new years eve! and a happy 2009!
Peace and lots of love!

4 comentarios:

Theresa dijo...

Happy 2009 to you!

Katie dijo...

That cookbook sounds like a great one! The food looks wonderful, too. Happy New Year!

Gina dijo...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you got your book, how exciting!!

Your food looks yummy, especially the pita chips, yum!

I'm all Italian, and we call that particular cute stuffed pasta tortellini! Ravioli, to us, are flatter. Regardless, it looks delicious :)

For the Love of Guava dijo...

Wow it looks like you're doing a good job with natural cooking already! I'm so glad you commented! Your blog's gorgeous... better get used to me :)