domingo, 25 de enero de 2009

A big question

First some yummy tea!

Its a golden chai, it was so good, with a subtle touch of apples and pears, :)

Sorry about not posting lately, i'm a bit stressed about returning to classes and to the city. Also I have some questions to all you guys, about veganism, cuz I'm new at this. 

What vitamins are you taking, or suplements ? 
This is because when I told my mom that I am trying to go vegan , she scared , so as my friends, so she took me to the nutriologist to talk about this. He told me I had to eat MEAT , cow meat, I felt like it was a waste of time...
But I do believe that you can live without meat, or even animal products...and I would really apreciate some tips from you :D

Also what books , cookbooks or any other you find practical, so I can get a wider idea about veganism. 

Thanks to all of you :)

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Gina dijo...

You should buy Becoming Vegan. It'll help you get a grasp of all the nutrients you may be in need of.

Personally, I take a B12 every few days, and an iron pill maybe once a week, although I think I may stop taking them when I run out of the bottle and then have my iron tested the next time I go to the doctor. I used to be anemic, back when I was eating a really unhealthy omnivorous diet, and I think I probably get enough now. So we'll see. But for me, personally, B2 is the only supplement I really feel like I keeps me more awake.

a vegan about town dijo...

I don't take supplements at all. I just make sure I'm combining everything in a good way (eg, orange + leafy greens to increase iron), and have stuff regularly, like lentils once a week, that sort of thing.

I am A++ fine, better than some meat eaters I know who don't pay attention to what they eat at all! also your doctor gets a frowny face.

Anónimo dijo...

I take a multi, but I just started recently since a blood test came back showing a deficiency in vitamin D. not due to eating vegan, but to the fact I live at night.

For the Love of Guava dijo...

Hey You! That's wonderful! Huzzah!

I take a Women's Daily but generally just try to pay attention to my body and listen to what it's telling me. I think it's important to get something with iron especially as(really for any)women but as for the "not enough protein" scare you should ask that doctor how many people he knows that are really protein deficient... I agree with "a vegan around town" you're probably already doing way better than most... plus, I think he'd be hard pressed to give you numbers. Also, beans are in a lot of vegan cooking and a great supplement. I know you're a yoga fan though and you might be a little extra wary especially with those long workouts... I make sure that when I workout I try and get a little extra by having a soy protein shake (lots of whey out there... you don't want those) just so I don't crash and my muscles have something to build on.

Good Luck!

Oh if you want a great read try "Diet for a New America" I'm in the middle of it and it's a great way to round out what you may already believe or know about veganism. Not really a "how to" but definitely a "Why". Have at it Latin Veg Bites! We're all rooting for you!

Gina dijo...

Larissa, let me know if you can't find Becoming Vegan, I will send it to you!

Also, Colleen-Patrick Goudreau's podcasts (Vegetarian Food for Thought), especially the first few, are pretty informative! They're all awesome, if you haven't listened, but her first few episodes focus on being a healthy vegan.

Every Gym's Nightmare dijo...

im no help- im not vegan. i love my cheese too much.

Kelly Turner

Sharon dijo...

Hope all goes well for you. Nothing beats a cup of relaxing tea.

Katie dijo...

I'm not totally vegan, but I'd like to be. I take some multivitamins, protein, and calcium, & EFA (essential fatty acid) supplements. I would just follow your instinct - a lot of people don't understand the reasoning behind veganism, but if it feels good to you, go for it!

Anónimo dijo...

I love your teapot!

I'm bad with keeping up with vitamins. I own a bottle of Whole Foods brand multi-vitamins and some B12 lozenges. I haven't experienced any health issues since going vegan 3 years ago. Once I tried to donate blood and they denied me because my iron was a little low. After that I try to eat more dark leafy greens and red beans. I've had my blood checked twice and the results are always good. :)

Bren Herrera dijo...

i need to get so much better about taking more vitamins. I'm so bad about it. I used to take different B complexes, but then i got lazy...

Anónimo dijo...

Oh I'm sorry your are having a difficult time transitioning. That Doctor wow, how unprofessional. Anyways, I'm not vegan, but the book that helped me transition to vegetarianism is by authors who have books that talk about veganism too.

-Becoming Vegan or Becoming Vegetarian (2 separate books)

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Every Gym's Nightmare dijo...

love the teapot!

Kelly Turner

The Vegan SlaughterHouse dijo...

Hey!!! I just found you blog, LOVE IT! Much LOVE& respect from Detroit!

Theresa dijo...

Hi Larissa, I know I'm a bit slow on this post, but I hope everything is going well with you still! I don't take any supplements, and try to keep my diet varied as much as possible. It's easy in climates like mine and yours, because the fruit and vege is much fresher and there is more choice than in some colder places.

If you're feeling a bit alone, a great book is "Vegan Freak" by Bob and Jenna Torres.

Anónimo dijo...

What a mean thing for the nutritionist to say. You should tell him that millions of people have not eaten meat for centuries (Buddhist Monks) and they've lived long healthy lives.

There are many sources for you to check out about Vegetarianism and Veganism. Here are some cool sites:

I know you're trying to go vegan, but this Vegetarian starter kit is very helpful still. Here's the link:


Becoming Vegan and Becoming Vegetarian by Davis and Melina.

If you have any further questions or inquiries you can always come by and check out my forum. at I am the mentor for the Live Vegetarian Circle. There might be some useful information on there for you and your mom to check out.

P.S. another tip is to check out used book stores for cheap cook books. They normally have a whole section on Healthy eating.

Laura dijo...

no! I am a registered dietitian and dedicated vegan and I am telling you: you can meet all your nutritional needs while being vegan!!! Becoming Vegan is really good!! I take VegLife Vegan Multivitamin...b12! very important!! if your diet is balanced you will be fine!! make sure you get lots of iron!

Anónimo dijo...

I don't take any supplements but I make sure I get some b12 enriched products every now and then. Bloodwork is great and I feel great. I always find it ironic that people don't give a hoot about vitamins and minerals when they're omnivores because they THINK they're getting everything (while they're usually deficient due to a lack of fruits and veg) but when you're vegan, even though you bulk up on important fruits and veg...all of a sudden everyone thinks you will die!

:P funny world