domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

Thai, yoga and a pyramid ..

Weird title..but that was friday. We went to Xochicalco an archeological place an hour from Cuernavaca. I have been there about 4 years ago, but last time it was greener and with a bearable climate, even though it's January, all the grass is dry and yellow. I like a lot archeological places, this one is very interesting and with lots of history. In the summer solstice all the hippies go and charge their enery in the Observatory...never done that, but im sure its fun!

The Serpiente Emplumada Pyramid ( Feathered Snake)

After the trip there, I was very hungry and sugested going to my favorite thai place called "Casa Thai" (Thai House) , and after all the protests and weird faces...we went there yaay!
And they give you as a snack, veggies with peanut butter dip

These beverage is called Fruttisima and its a fruit smoothie with cardamom .

I had to take a pic of the kitchen...I think its so beautiful, in turquoise with masks and wood...I want a kitchen just like that...very tropical.

For appetizer vegetarian spring rolls and spicy sauce..

Ive never tried Red Curry so when I saw the Tofu Stirfry with Noodles and Red Curry I knew I wanted it. I loved it, soo spicy I couldn't finish it , so I brought half of the dish home.

Today I ate the rest with white rice and green tea :)

Saturday was the yoga instructor class, from 9am to 7pm and they give you the option of eating there (vegetarian of course) , so ate there again. Last month I was a bit downed and didn´t enjoyed the day because of a huge fight :( ...but this month was so refreshing doing and studying yoga all day. I can say I was truly happy, and the food was delicious!...for snack, pineapple with cilantro and salt, for lunch mint and orange agua, lentil soup, potatoe with grated cheese, salad and rice and guavas later. I didn´t finish all the food, and still I was a bit sleepy after the lunch. But I had so much fun , I can´t wait for next month .

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Gina dijo...

Wait, you were at yoga from 9AM to 7PM? That's kind of awesome!

And I looove Thai food. I can't to move so that there is some near me :)

a vegan about town dijo...

That curry looks great!

Theresa dijo...

I love that you can just throw "and a pyramid" into your recap of your day. You live in such a cool place!

ŀĀŘ¡ŝ∫Á dijo...

haha yeah i guess here we are so used to pyramids and archeological sites that is strange that local people visit them...

For the Love of Guava dijo...

mm.. Larissa... everything at Casa Thai looks delish!! And WOW a whole day of YOGA! I just started trying it out (video style) and I'm sweatin' after like 20 minutes... it's really addicting though I think I want to definitely look into it more. Any tips? What type of Yoga do you practice?

Annie dijo...

thanks for comming by my blog:). Your food looks incredible and the pictures of the pyramid are breath taking. The last time I saw one was like 5 years ago.....I really wamt to see their beauty again